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Returning to the roads of my youth

I recently returned to Edinburgh to visit family and friends, and managed to squeeze in a few bike rides along the way. Returning to the roads of my youth always fills me with nostalgia and a sense of adventure. I fondly remember my days with the Dunedin cycling club, gathering at the old wooden velodrome in Meadowbank, Edinburgh. It's sad to think that both the club and velodrome are no longer around, but the great memories remain.

Cycling with the Dunedin club was where the magic of cycling, and my love for the sport, truly blossomed. I have so many happy memories of the older, more experienced members of the club guiding me through routes that gave me a love for the outdoors, and the freedom that cycling brings. Those rides were filled with laughter and unforgettable experiences - despite the occasional puncture!

When returning to Edinburgh, I am always keen to pedal these familiar roads, and relive those great times. There have been some vast changes, although unfortunately not to the Scottish weather! This time, I rode through the spectacular Colinton tunnel, adorned with amazing street art - a new experience for me.

The highlight of my trip was undoubtedly the Pencaitland Railway walkway/cycle path. This hidden gem winds its way through the picturesque East Lothian countryside, offering a poignant glimpse into the region's history. Along the path; haunting headstones stand as silent reminders of the mines, and the industrious people who once worked there.

Pedalling along the pathway was like stepping back in time, and was a fitting addition to my journey down memory lane, combining old memories with new discoveries. In the end, my trip was a perfect blend of nostalgia and exploration — a fantastic reminder of why I fell in love with cycling in the first place.

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