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50 years since the Carnation Revolution

This week marks 50 years since a hugely significant moment in the history of Portugal. In April 1974, the so-called the Carnation Revolution took place - an event that brought an end to many years of living under a strict government led by a dictator named Salazar.

In the streets of Lisbon, a group of brave soldiers decided they wanted to make things better for their country. They didn't want fighting or violence, so they came up with a peaceful plan. They took control of important places in the city, like the radio station, and played songs that symbolized their desire for change.

People from all walks of life joined in, carrying flowers and singing songs of freedom. They called it the Carnation Revolution because many soldiers put carnations in the barrels of their guns instead of bullets. Even today, children in schools are taught about this important moment in their history, and classrooms around the country prepare drawings to mark the occasion.

The peaceful revolution was a big success, and led to Portugal becoming a democracy. The Carnation Revolution inspired people around the world who were fighting for their own freedom and rights. Even today, it's celebrated as a reminder that when people work together peacefully, they can make big changes and create a better future for everyone.

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