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The magnificent Jacaranda trees

In Portugal, spring unveils a spectacle like no other as the vibrant purple blooms of jacaranda trees blanket the streets in a mesmerising display of colour. These majestic trees are native to South America but thrive in Portugal's temperate climate, transforming the country during the months of April and May.

Walking through the winding cobblestone streets, visitors are greeted by the sight of jacaranda trees lining the avenidas, adorning parks, and framing historic landmarks. Their delicate purple flowers create a captivating contrast against the vivid blue sky.

I always wish for it not to be windy during these few weeks, so that the beautiful purple petals stay on the trees for as long as possible!

If you find yourself in Portugal during April and May, you will be lucky enough to see the breathtaking jacaranda trees in full bloom. It is a sight we look forward to every year!

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