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The best road sign ever?

As you know we are big fans of road trips; and on our most recent travels, we saw the best road sign we think we will ever see! The image on the sign below can be found scattered all around the Mértola area in Portugal´s Alentejo region. It is to warn you to keep a look out for Iberian Lynx – even if it does actually look like a Batman warning sign from a distance!

The story of this elusive Lynx is a remarkable tale of conservation success. Once on the brink of extinction, it is one of the world´s most endangered feline species. Native to the Iberian Peninsula, these elusive cats were pushed to the edge by habitat loss, hunting and a decline in their primary prey, the European rabbit. In recent years, intensive conservation efforts have focused on habitat restoration, captive breeding and reintroduction programmes.

Portugal has played a crucial role in these efforts, particularly in the Guadiana Valley Natural Park in the Alentejo region. Thanks to these programmes, the population has shown promising signs of recovery. From a mere 100 individuals at the turn of the century, the population has grown to several hundred, with a significant number of Lynx now thriving in the wild in Portugal. We didn´t see any (amazingly, we did see a deer though!) but it was so fun to see the best road sign ever, and know that they are out there!

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