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Ronnie's return!

Many of you got in touch with us back in June when we announced our new signing 'Castaway Carro' - Ronaldo the Renault 4....or Ronnie as we like to call him! He has spent the last few months getting a bit of a makeover - both cosmetic and mechanical, and today we are proud to unveil him in his new form!

When we were looking for a car to promote our business (and to have fun driving him around!) there was only one choice - it had to be a Renault 4. We wanted to breathe new life into Ronnie; and he recently underwent extensive work, bringing him back to his former glory.

If you don't know much about these little gems, they played a significant role in Portugal's automotive history. Introduced in 1961, the Renault 4 quickly gained popularity in the country, becoming an iconic symbol of affordable and practical transportation. They were embraced for their versatility and adaptability, particularly in rural areas where the robust design and ability to navigate challenging terrain made it a favourite among farmers and families.

Over the years, the Renault 4 earned a special place in the hearts of many Portuguese citizens. The reliability and affordability made it a common sight on the streets of Portugal for several decades and you can still see some great examples of these gorgeous little cars driving around the country. They were also used as hire cars in the Algarve.

We know from your reactions to our gorgeous little Renault 4 that you find it heartwarming to see these classic cars not only preserved but also appreciated by a new generation of car enthusiasts. For those of you who live in the Algarve - keep your eyes peeled.....Ronnie is back on the road!

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