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Dust, Rain, and Clouds

Here in the heart of the Algarve, where sunshine is the norm, we’ve had a few weather anomalies in recent days! Dust-laden winds from the Sahara Desert have draped the region in a mysterious haze. 

We have also had sporadic rain showers - all good for refreshing the parched terrain, however the Sahara sand meant we had so-called ‘mud rain’, which leaves a messy trail, coating cars and streets with a fine layer of dust and mud. It’s been a challenge for those who like their cars sparkling and shiny!

The weather is not yet ready to return to its usual sunny disposition, as we now have a cold spell coming down from the UK to greet us over Easter. In a month or two it will be wall to wall sunshine, so we are not stressed….but our cars and sun terraces certainly need a good clean!

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