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Casting away to Scotland!

We have just returned from a fantastic trip to Edinburgh – not only Scotland's capital city, but also our place of birth. Our work commitments prevent us from travelling back often, so it is great to know that our family and friends all visit us out here in Portugal anyway, and an annual trip back to bonnie Scotland is something we enjoy each year.

This time we spent our time strolling around the streets of the beautiful Georgian New Town; catching up with family and friends, and even enjoying a school reunion – that was a fun night!

Time seems to stand still when we return – nothing seems to have changed; and while we love the vibrancy of the city, it is also refreshing to return to the more relaxed pace of life in the Algarve. One thing we will never get in Edinburgh is 300 days of sunshine, and although we were lucky with the lack of rain when we were back, 12 degrees is not the temperature we are used to at this time of year! It is lovely to return to wall to wall blue skies and most importantly, a bit of heat!

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